Capillars tubes

Tubes capillaires







Forming operations possible

Anti coring sml

anti coring

Flatten center sml


Flatten center pierce sml

Flatting pie

Trocar sml


Lancet point sml


Notch slot sml

Notch slot

And many others...

Skive drawing sml

Axial knurl sml

Barb sml

Bias grind sml

Bulge sml

Bullet point sml

Chamfer id sml

Closed end bevel sml

Coil sml

Closed end consistent wall sml

Cross hole sml

Thread sml

Corset sml

Welded ball end sml


Stainless Steel Capillars tubes seamless & welded cold drawn

OD 1,27 mm to 16mm

žWT 0,5 mm to 0,9 mm

žgrade 304 and some dimensions in 316 SS


 Dimensions in imperial sizes

  Gamme dimension capillars 2  Gamme dimension capillars 3 

 Gamme dimension capillars 4  Gamme dimension capillars 5